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The Economist – 21 July 2018-P2P

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.

The Economist – 21 July 2018-P2P
English |290 pages | ePUB | 3 MB

New Scientist – 21 July 2018-P2P

New Scientist covers the latest developments in science and technology that will impact your world. New Scientist employs and commissions the best writers in their fields from all over the world. Our editorial team provide cutting-edge news, award-winning features and reports, written in concise and clear language that puts discoveries and advances in the context of everyday life today and in the future.

New Scientist – 21 July 2018-P2P
English |290 pages | ePUB | 5 MB

C++17 By Example by Stefan Bjornander-P2P

C++ is a general-purpose programming language built with a bias towards embedded programming and systems programming. Over the years, C++ has evolved and is used to develop software for many different sectors. Given its versatility and robustness, C++is a wonderful language to start your coding journey with. This book covers exciting projects built in C++ that show how to implement the language in different scenarios. While developing these projects, you will not only learn the language constructs but also how you can use C++ to meet your software requirements. The book starts with a brief introduction to C++ language constructs where you will learn essential concepts that are required to understand the projects covered in the book. The first module will build a library management system that will teach you how to perform efficient file handling and use pointers in your software. To give you a taste of GUI programming, the next module will build graphical applications using Qt 5. You will then be introduced to game design in C++ and build two interesting games. The final module will teach you how C++ can be used to create a Domain Specific Language. After reading this book, you will have mastered core programming concepts in C++, and how to implement them effectively.

C++17 By Example (+code) by Stefan Bjornander-P2P
English |   ePUB reader    | Tech & Devices  | 2 MB
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Essentials of Cloud Computing by K. Chandrasekaran-P2P

Cloud computing―accessing computing resources over the Internet―is rapidly changing the landscape of information technology. Its primary benefits compared to on-premise computing models are reduced costs and increased agility and scalability. Hence, cloud computing is receiving considerable interest among several stakeholders―businesses, the IT industry, application developers, researchers, and students. To successfully embrace this new computing model, these stakeholders need to acquire new cloud computing skills and knowledge. This book is designed to provide readers with a clear and thorough understanding of the key aspects of cloud computing. Presented in an easy-to-understand style, Essentials of Cloud Computing begins with an introduction to basic cloud computing concepts. It then covers cloud computing architecture, deployment models, programming models, and cloud service types, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It also discusses the cloud’s networking aspects, major service providers, open source support, and security issues. The book concludes with a discussion of several advanced topics, such as mobile clouds, media clouds, and green clouds. This book is intended for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who want to learn more about cloud computing. It includes many case studies, programming examples, and industry-based applications. Each chapter concludes with review questions that help readers check their understanding of the presented topics. Essentials of Cloud Computing will help readers understand the issues and challenges of cloud computing and will give them the tools needed to develop and deploy applications in clouds.

Essentials of Cloud Computing by K. Chandrasekaran-P2P
English |  PDF reader    | Tech & Devices  | 26 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Handbook of Graphs and Networks by Stefan Bornholdt-P2P

Complex interacting networks are observed in systems from such diverse areas as physics, biology, economics, ecology, and computer science. For example, economic or social interactions often organize themselves in complex network structures. Similar phenomena are observed in traffic flow and in communication networks as the internet. In current problems of the Biosciences, prominent examples are protein networks in the living cell, as well as molecular networks in the genome. On larger scales one finds networks of cells as in neural networks, up to the scale of organisms in ecological food webs.
This book defines the field of complex interacting networks in its infancy and presents the dynamics of networks and their structure as a key concept across disciplines.
The contributions present common underlying principles of network dynamics and their theoretical description and are of interest to specialists as well as to the non-specialized reader looking for an introduction to this new exciting field.
Theoretical concepts include modeling networks as dynamical systems with numerical methods and new graph theoretical methods, but also focus on networks that change their topology as in morphogenesis and self-organization. The authors offer concepts to model network structures and dynamics, focussing on approaches applicable across disciplines.

Handbook of Graphs and Networks: From the Genome to the Internet by Stefan Bornholdt, Heinz Georg Schuster-P2P
English |  PDF reader    | Tech & Devices  | 5 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Analog and Digital Communication by Elumalai G-P2P

We are extremely happy to present the book “Analog and Digital Communication” for you. This book has been written strictly as per the revised syllabus (R2013) of Anna University. We have divided the subject into five units so that the topics can be arranged and understood properly. The topics within the units have been arranged in a proper sequence to ensure smooth flow of the subject.
Unit I – Introduce the basic concepts of communication, need of modulation and different types of analog modulation (Amplitude modulation, Frequency modulation and Phase modulation).
Unit II – Deals with basic concepts of digital communication which includes ASK, FSK, PSK, QPSK and QAM.
Unit III – Discuss about concept of data communication and various pulse modulation technique.
Unit IV – Concentrate on various techniques for error control coding.
Unit V – Describe about multiuser radio communication.
A large number of solved university examples and university questions have been included in each unit, so we are sure that this book will cater all your needs for this subject.
We have made every possible effort to eliminate all the errors in this book. However if you find any, please let we know, because that will help for us to improve further

Analog and Digital Communication by Elumalai G, Er. M. Jaiganesh-P2P
English |  PDF reader    |  Tech & Devices  | 36 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

Mastering PHP 7 by Branko Ajzele-P2P

The book starts by unveiling the new features of PHP 7 and walks you through several important standards set by PHP Framework Interop Group (PHP-FIG). You’ll see, in detail, the working of all magic methods, and the importance of effective PHP OOP concepts, which will enable you to write effective PHP code. You will find out how to implement design patterns and resolve dependencies to make your code base more elegant and readable. You will also build web services alongside microservices architecture, interact with databases, and work around third-party packages to enrich applications. This book delves into the details of PHP performance optimization. You will learn about serverless architecture and the reactive programming paradigm that found its way in the PHP ecosystem. The book also explores the best ways of testing your code, debugging, tracing, profiling, and deploying your PHP application.

Mastering PHP 7: Design, configure, build, and test professional web applications by Branko Ajzele-P2P
English |  PDF reader    | Tech & Devices  | 14 MB
Download :  Uploadocean –   Upload4earn–  NTi

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